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Contract Documents Sample Reports

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view and print these files. 

Click here for a free download of the reader.  Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Remember, if you have MS Word, you can use our customizable Word templates to modify many of these formats or create your own personalized format! Most of the sample documents here also have an option to print on your own letterhead, where the heading at the top will not print.

In addition to the documents and reports shown below, the Contract Documents program also prints to the following pre-printed original AIA* Contract Documents: A101, A101/CMa, A105, A107, A111, A114, A121/CMc, A131CMc, A175/ID, A775/ID, A305, A310, A312, A401, B141, B141/CMa, B151, B155, B163, B801/CMa, G701, G701/CMa, G709, G714, G714/CMa.

Note: The Contract Documents Program prints information onto original AIA* Contract Documents, which users must purchase from AIA*. This program does not generate any original AIA* Contract Documents.

*AIA is a registered Trademark of the American Institute of Architects

Click on the sample below you wish to view.

Change Orders Scheduling
Change Order Log  Schedule Task List
Change Order
(Standard Format)
Work Order
Contractor Change Order
(no items or costs details)
Gantt Chart
Subcontractor Change Order
(no items or costs details)
Construction Manager Change Order
(no items or costs details)
Contracts & Purchase Orders Proposed Change Order
Contracts/Purchase Order Log Change Order Request
Contract Request For Proposal
Purchase Order Estimate
Contracts/Purchase Order List Proposals Status Report
Contracts/Purchase Order Balances
Contracts/Purchase Order Invoice List  
Sworn Statement Waivers and Releases
Sworn Statement Subcontractor Listing Conditional Upon
Progress Payment
Subcontractor/Supplier Payment Application Unconditional Upon
Progress Payment
Material Log Conditional Upon
Final Payment
Material Log - Costs
Material Log - Dates
Unconditional Upon
Final  Payment
Material List - Costs
Material List - Dates
Waivers and Releases
Status Report
Other Reports 

Sample Reports Available with All Modules  
Last modified:  02/01/21