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Quantum Project Manager’s Estimating program enables you to quickly and easily create estimates for your projects in a variety of ways. The Estimating program was developed with the flexibility to allow a user to create a simple estimate with basic information or a more detailed estimate based on more complex conditions and calculations.

Whether you’re creating a simple estimate or a very detailed estimate, Quantum Project Manager lets you add various markups, tax situations, bond allocations, etc. Plus, you can change these in a snap to analyze different scenarios for your proposal in seconds. You can copy previous proposals from other projects to edit and quickly create a new proposal. You can even have several different proposals for the same job.

The Estimating program allows you to print reports that are as simple or as detailed as you need—from a basic summary estimate to reports that provide for every line item in detail. You can group the totals on these reports at several different levels. You can generate proposals in a number of formats with options to allow for outstanding flexibility. You can even create your own customized heading with your own images like a logo by using our Rich Text Editor. You can also create PDF or RTF files giving you the capability to easily email the files or even make additional changes in another program like your word processor.

With our new Version 23, Quantum Project Manager has even more contractor-friendly features! Click here to see what's new!

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Last modified:  07/03/24