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Work Order Management

If you believe it has to be in writing to exist, then VirtualBoss is for you. VirtualBoss will schedule and keep track of all job site activities. To-do lists or formal work orders can be printed and/or systematically faxed that reflect everything you have scheduled. Using VirtualBoss is the easiest and most practical way to track what needs to be done and communicate to those people who need to do it.

(click on the work order to view it full-size)

(click on the work order to view it full-size)

You will be able to:

Print or fax lists of outstanding items for any job or any individual. When you visit a job site you can have a comprehensive list of what needs to be done. If you're meeting with a subcontractor or supplier, you can see a list of what that person needs to do on all jobs. If you're meeting with a customer, you can show him or her what is left to do on their project, and who will do it. Short on time? Now you can fax all your work orders in 3 clicks rather than spend valuable time manually getting the word out for every item. Spend your time doing important things rather than reiterating over the phone again and again what needs to be done.

Access important job site information instantly. As you're talking on the phone or in a meeting you can immediately pull up specific notes and basic information such as directions to the job site, lot number, lock box combinations, customer name and phone number, and more. Print or fax a report to any individual that includes a list of everything they need to do along with all job site information.

Quickly review the status of outstanding tasks before paying bills. Send work orders with your checks. Or send work orders instead of a check. Sending work orders instead of a check gets the message across that gets the work done.

Maintain a central location that stores all work orders. If multiple people in your office need access to work orders or scheduling its easy. VirtualBoss will run on your network and is easy to use so training time is near zero.

Eliminate mistakes that are often made when using manual to-do lists. Manual lists have to be rewritten and consolidated. When your handwritten to-do list gets lost your reputation and productivity is lost right along with it. With VirtualBoss your lists are never lost.

Review and analyze work order turn around time. Have an objective way to evaluate each subcontractor's performance.

VirtualBoss - It’s easy to use, it’s fast, and it gets the job done!!

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Last modified: January 26, 2021