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Contact Management 

VirtualBoss includes a built-in Address Book. It is easy to use, and it is integrated with its job-scheduling and task-tracking features. It will help you streamline your activities. Contacting and scheduling the necessary people is a big part of your job. VirtualBoss will help you get the job done in the most cost effective manner possible. VirtualBoss streamlines this process by centralizing all your names, addresses, and phone numbers. VirtualBoss then puts this information on your printed work orders.

(click on the image to view it full-size)

(click on the image to view it full-size) 

If you are looking for an address or a phone number, it is just a click away. Or you can print all your addresses and phone numbers. 

Print multiple copies of your address book. Have all phone numbers and addresses with you at all times. Have a copy in your truck, on your desk, on your assistant's desk, and 3 copies at home. Say goodbye to those days when you really feared losing your hand written address book. VirtualBoss address books gives you up to date phone numbers, addresses, names, company names, miscellaneous notes, and more. 

Draw on your contacts in your address book manager when assigning job site tasks in the job manager. It takes only one or two key strokes to assign a task to anybody that is entered in your address book.

With VirtualBoss you can look up any contact by the Person's Name, Company Name or Profession. If you can not remember the name of that one brick layer you need, it is not a problem. Just sort things out by profession and you will have a list of all the brick layers you have been in contact with over the last 4 years. If you can only remember the person's name or company name, that is not a problem either. Just sort things out how you need to and the information will be at your finger tips. 

Use VirtualBoss to print a report showing every Carpenter or Plumber (or whatever trade that you desperately need, to keep things moving) that you have talked with over the last x-number of years. It is quite an asset to have a report in front of you with all the phone numbers and notes on all the bricklayers you have dealt with or spoke with in the past, especially when you really need to find one fast. This will clearly save your time and will also help you get the jobs done faster.

Print all the information you have on any contact at any time. If you want to give somebody all the information they will need on a contact, you can print everything you have on any contact in 2 mouse clicks. In two clicks you can print all phone numbers, addresses, profile information, and notes. You can write a book on any contact you have and then print a report when you or somebody else needs to know everything right away. If you need to remember something just enter it in VirtualBoss. You will be able to find it any time in just a few key strokes.

Do you fear losing your address book? When you are a VirtualBoss user, it does not matter. Just print another address book. It is no big deal. Instead of panicking, you can print a new and fully updated address book.

Save multiple addresses and phone numbers for each contact. Have home, work, job site, and billing addresses available for every contact. Keep as many phone numbers for each contact that you want. Every address and phone number is clearly marked and very easy to find. (Both on screen or printed) 

When you are reviewing your "to-do" lists, just click the right mouse button on the task that needs attention and you will have in front of your eyes, all the responsible persons' phone numbers and other profile information immediately.

Have a place to consistently store information of any kind on any person or company and be able to find it later. A supplier quotes a price to you over the phone, and now you have a place to save that information where you know you can find it. If somebody says anything important, you will now remember it. You can write an ongoing book on every contact you have.

Easily add people to your reference list or your Christmas card list (or any other special list) and print them when you need them. Forget wasting your time and money putting these lists together.

Have a place to store information like social security numbers and tax id numbers, and have it available when you need it.

Be able to print a list of all outstanding tasks, completed, or pending (or any combination) for any contact. 

When you add a person to your address book, you have added that person to the list of assignees for tasks. When you assign a person to a task that is not in your address book, VirtualBoss automatically adds that person to your address book.

Are you looking at a work order on screen and want to call on it? With just a right mouse click, your phone numbers are on the screen in front of you. 

When you print work orders, all the relevant persons' phone numbers are printed along with your orders. It makes it convenient and easy to find.

Find any contact you have, with only knowing the Name, Company Name, or Profession. Unlike a handwritten address book, our address book can be sorted based on how you remember things. With hand written address books, it is oftentimes cumbersome to find a contact when you only know a person's name, a company name, or you only know you need that one specific carpenter. In time you may forget names , but with VirtualBoss you can still quickly find names, addresses, and phone numbers with only remembering minimal information.

You will have a consistent place to put your names, addresses, and phone numbers. You can literally write a book on somebody, and have it on file ready to print or to be added to at any time. Have everybody in your company work from the same set of information. If one person has a phone number, then everybody will have it. If one person obtains some information, then everybody can have it. This will eliminate a lot of wasteful distractions to communicate information that everybody should have.

With VirtualBoss, you will be more organized and more efficient.

- "And maybe the subcontractors will show up on time!"

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Last modified: January 26, 2021