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REMOTE VirtualBoss

Remote VirtualBoss gives you the ability to remotely access your VirtualBoss Task List, Job Information, Contact Information, and more from any computer or device with an Internet connection. You can give anybody full access (or view only access) to your VirtualBoss data. Remote VirtualBoss will allow multiple employees, managers, and subcontractors to log into the system from anywhere. It allows the schedule to be viewed and updated whether people are in the office, on the job site, at home, or out of town. The possibilities are endless. You can have a simplistic 1 user system, or you can have 100 people access the information from 100 different locations at the same time.

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You can access your information from any web connected device. The process is the same whether you have a single remote user or if you have 100 remote users logging in at the same time.  You can easily expand this system to match your growing business.

Remote VirtualBoss is an addition to PC VirtualBoss. You still have all the same great features at your PC; Remote VirtualBoss extends these key VirtualBoss functionalities to computers beyond the office. PC VirtualBoss with Remote VirtualBoss gives you the best of both PC scheduling and web based scheduling.

Remote VirtualBoss web pages can be viewed from any web browser. This includes browsers on Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and more.

The Remote VirtualBoss Server will run on any of the following Windows operating systems.
Windows 7/8/10
Windows Server 2008 and above

Last modified: January 26, 2021