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Punch List Management

VirtualBoss allows you to keep on top of everything that needs to be done on every job site. VirtualBoss does more than just schedule your jobs. When you decide something additional needs to be done it is not a problem. You can add punch list items fast. When you need know what needs to be done VirtualBoss gives you the list. VirtualBoss gives you a place to consistently put your to-do items. You will be able to print work orders for what needs to be done at any time. Your list can be for just one person, one job, or everybody on all jobs. Customers and subcontractors are always happy to see the job site supervisor organized and aware of what work is remaining. There is no easier way to organize your endless pile of to do notes. Now you can put them all in 1 database.

(click on the image for full size picture)

(click on the image for full size picture)

As you review the VirtualBoss Task List you can print or fax work orders as necessary to get all the loose ends pulled together at the end of a job. Not only does printing and faxing work orders help you finish the job smoother and more efficiently, it communicates to your valued customer that you are on top of things. Just like all work orders printed by VirtualBoss, faxed work orders include the names and phone numbers of the people doing the work, job numbers, lot numbers, addresses, lock box combinations, directions to job site, customer names, customer phone numbers, and any special job site instructions. It leaves little room for questioning what, where, or when.

When a customer gives you a pre-move-in punch list, VirtualBoss will help you maintain this list and will print or fax the necessary work orders in no time.

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Last modified: January 26, 2021