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Certified Payroll Reports - Sample Reports

Links to some certified payroll sample reports are below. 
You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view and print these files. 

Click here for a free download of the reader.  Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Other Reports
Sample Reports Available with All Modules

Note: These are sample reports for demonstration purposes only. 
The data contained in these sample reports is not meant to show current or accurate wage rates, work classifications, tax amounts, names, addresses, social security numbers, or any other information. 

State Specific Reports

Federal and Additional Reports

California DIR eCPR XML file Upload

California D.O.T. Owner-Operator Listing

California Department of Industrial Relations

California Department of Transportation

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT Form #118)

CT Wage & Workplace Standards WWS-CP1  

Delaware Department of Labor 


Illinois Department of Labor file Upload

Illinois Department of Labor

Illinois Department of Transportation

Iowa Department of Transportation

Kentucky Labor Cabinet

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Massachusetts Weekly Payroll Report Form

Massachusetts Port Authority

Michigan Department of Transportation

Minnesota Department of Transportation

Minnesota Prevailing Wage 

Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

Nevada Office of the Labor Commissioner

New Jersey 
Carpenters Funds

NJ DOL CSV File Upload

NJ Department of Labor MW-562

NJ Department of Labor MW-30  

NJ Economic Development Authority  

New Mexico

New York City Dept. of Design and Construction  

New York City Dept. of Transportation

New York City Health
and Hospitals Corp.

New York City Office of the Comptroller

New York City Office of the Comptroller (DEP)

New York City Office of the Comptroller (Federal Contracts)

New York City School Construction Authority

New York State Metropolitan Transportation Authority

New York State Department of Labor

New York State Department of Transportation

New York State Dormitory Authority

The Port Authority of NY & NJ

Ohio Certified Payroll Report

Ohio School Facilities Commission

Oregon Department of 
Labor & Industry

PA Department of Labor & Industry LLC-25

Philadelphia (city of)

Rhode Island Certified Weekly Payroll

Washington Department of Labor & Industries

Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation

Certified Payroll Report
Certified Payroll Report (3 lines)

(WH-347 w/ 3 lines)
Certification Page
Certified Payroll Report
(modified QSS-347)
Certified Payroll Report (3 lines)
(modified QSS-347 w/ 3 lines)
Certification Page
(modified QSS-348)

Workforce Utilization Reports

US Department of Labor - CC-257

Generic Employee Utilization Report

Time Entry Reports

Time Card

All Time Cards for Date Range (Detail)

All Time Cards for Date Range (Summary)

Project Labor Reports
(the amounts on these reports can 
be with or without fringe benefits)

Project Labor by Employee

Project Labor by Employee By Week Detail

Project Labor by Employee by Day

Project Labor for Employee Detail by Week, Project, and Workclass

Project Labor by Employee & Project (all Projects)

Project Labor by Work Classification

Project Labor by Week Detail

Project Labor Summary

Project Labor and Fringes by Employee

Fringe Benefit Reports
(by Project or for All Projects)

Fringe Benefit Statement

Fringe Benefit Statement (CA DOT)

Total Fringe Benefits Detail

Total Fringe Benefits Summary

Union Fringe Benefits Detail

Union Fringe Benefits Summary

Cash Fringe Benefits Detail

Cash Fringe Benefits Summary

Plan Fringe Benefits Detail

Plan Fringe Benefits Summary

Fringe Benefit Plan Reports

Fringe Benefit Plan Categories 

Fringe Benefit Plan Listing

Fringe Benefit Plan Details

Fringe Benefit Plan Summary by Employee

Fringe Benefit Plan Summary by Project

Other Payroll Reports

Payroll Register Summary

Payroll Register Detail

  Project Detail Listing

Employee Detail Listing

Payroll Service Report

Last modified:  10/27/23