If instructed by technical support, use one of the alternate links below.



Quantum Software Solutions, Inc. Remote Support

Please call our technical support staff at 610-373-4835. When instructed, click the button below ONCE to begin the remote support session. If prompted, select "Open" or "Run" to download and run the remote support program. It may take 5 or 10 seconds to start, so please be patient.


Click Here to Start a Support Session


Note: The Quantum Software Solutions, Inc. technical support staff can use a remote support tool to facilitate solving problems or to do training over the internet. The remote support program has been configured to connect to Quantum Software Solutions, Inc. using encryption and is completely safe and secure. When the support session is completed, the software is completely removed from your computer. The support session is completely under your control. You have to initiate the support session, you will see everything that happens on your monitor, you can take control and end the session at any time, and there is no way for anyone to reconnect to your PC after the remote support program is stopped on your pc (without you reinitiating it). We use this tool solely as a support and training aid to better provide service to our customers. You will see an icon on your task bar for the remote support program during the support session. This will disappear when the session has ended.

Last modified: July 19, 2022