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Using Quantum Project Manager on the Cloud

The Quantum Project Manager can be used on the cloud. If you have a cloud service that does Windows Desktop hosting, they can install our program and make it available to you. Quantum Software Solutions does not directly sell or support a cloud offering, but we will work with any provider you choose to get our program working on their cloud. You would need to own a current copy of the Quantum Project Manager, then sign up with a cloud service provider of your choice. If you are a current customer, your data can be transferred to the cloud service provider you choose.

We have worked with Right Networks to host our program on their cloud service. They also offer QuickBooks, MS Office, MS Outlook and hundreds of other applications. Please email Louis Christopher at lchristopher@rightnetworks.com for more information on pricing and to order directly from Right Networks. Use referral code QUANTUM to get up to 20% off! See their website at https://www.rightnetworks.com/ for more information.

If you use a QuickBooks Desktop version that you want to use on the cloud, you should select a provider that is authorized by Intuit and is willing to install and host our program as well. Right Networks is an Intuit Authorized Commercial Host. Please note that our program does not integrate with QuickBooks Online.

Last modified:  01/03/22